Our attitude towards architecture

Through passion, innovative strength and dialogue, we create timeless living spaces. We blend sustainability with tangible design quality. That is why we believe that a well-designed and competently built environment will be sustained for years on end.

New buildings

We design, plan and build site-specifically. At the outset, we use all our senses and our knowledge of rules to understand the qualities and limitations of the site. We read between the lines and grasp the whole to probe the boundaries between what is desired and what is feasible.


Our activities are performed in the field of tension between the old and the new. We analyse what presently exists and transform it to meet the demands of today. In the process of creating contemporary spaces where people can live, we address the central question of what needs to be preserved and what can be improved through revitalisation.

In planning

We view designing, planning and building as a process of engaging in dialogue with our clients. Our ambition is to produce timeless architecture that retains its value.